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Should fit check

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I received this Lardini suit today, I feel like the should is a bit off. It does not look that bad from the front but it is easy to spot from the side. Is this the shoulder divot that people terrifying about? I did not have such problem with a Lardini blazer and all other suits that I own. Thanks in advance!
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How did you receive it, boxed in the mail? It could have been crushed in transit. Just your right shoulder? It doesn't play all that bad. Good looking jacket.

Here's something to try. Get a press cloth and put on an oven mitt. Make a fist and press it up hard inside the sleeve head so that the wrinkling disappears. With the mitt and fist pushing from inside, place the cloth over the outside, sprinkle with water and iron sparingly, but hard. Most folks are unaware that there's fairly complicated padding in the sleeve head itself, usually a couple strips of canvas and some batting, this could have gotten balled up. The pressing should straighten it out. Good luck.


Heard the name, but unfamiliar with the label. I looked it up. So you've laid out a couple of grand probably. I shouldn't even be commenting, I'm a $50 man. But If the pressing thing doesn't work or the bunching doesn't fall out on its own, toss it back at them, have them make it right.

"Free shipping on orders over $500." How sporting of them.
Thank you for your advice my friend, I feel like it should be so much easier to do that with the pillow thing(I am not sure what is called) when bespoke tailors iron all the curves on suits. Maybe I will bring it to my tailor and let him try that. Like you said, there is a strip underneath around the shoulder seam, it is hard for me to DIY at home.

And this suit actually didn't cost me that much, got it for less than 500 CAD, full canvassed (surprisingly), very nice material and structure. Pretty good deal if it fits me better. I do own another Lardini blazer and I really like it. I feel like Lardini is a brand that people don't know that much, they produce garments for many big names. Absolutely worth the price when they discounted for like 70 or even 80% off. ;)

Thanks for your info.
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