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Should Burris be seated as Senator from Illinois?

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I say he should be. Why not? There is no indication that he is involved in any way in the scandal (that has also yet to be tried/proven).

Blagojevich (who I suppose still gets the legal presumption of innocent until proven guilty) really threw a monkey wrench into the Democratic party machine with that move.
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At this juncture, absolutely not. The appointment is by it's nature, going to remain under a cloud of doubt. Roland Burris seems a pretty good guy. Hold a special election and, if Burris is elected to the seat...I think he would prove himself to be more honorable than most of the crowd we have elected to office!
^^At this point, even Senator Durbin is saying Burris should not/will not be seated, saying the Senate will wait for Blagojevich's successor to make an appointment...and this three ring circus continues!
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