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Should Burris be seated as Senator from Illinois?

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I say he should be. Why not? There is no indication that he is involved in any way in the scandal (that has also yet to be tried/proven).

Blagojevich (who I suppose still gets the legal presumption of innocent until proven guilty) really threw a monkey wrench into the Democratic party machine with that move.
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I think it's completely ludicrous that someone like Blagojevich gets to appoint a US senator. However, the whole process seems to have followed Illinois state law, Burris meets the requirements for being a senator, there's no legal reason not to seat him. As far as I know you can be in jail and still be a senator.
apparently the Illinois Sec'y of State did not sign the certificate for Burris. On those grounds the Sargeant of the Senate (sp?) refused admission to Burris. The Senate seems on safe grounds there
Technically, it seems they are safe barring him in this fashion. An unbelievable display of rule-following by the senate! I guess Burris will have to sue the Ill. secretary of state to get his certification signed off on.

The more I read about Blagojevich, the more he seems like a complete ass. People in his own party hate him. I guess that's what happens when one party takes over an entire state, when there is no enemy the enemy becomes oneself.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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