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First, thanks to those people who answered my post while I was looking for shoes in the L.A. area before a funeral.

I just spent one week in Oregon and then turned around and spent three days in Los Angeles and I thought I would share notes taken during the trip.

Oregon - Unless you are in Portland, fashion and style really don't exist.
In Portland I did stop into John Helmer haberdasher. I know that it and another were in the Esquire black book so I did drop in. Helmer does have a very nice selection of ties and hats. Other than that it was middle of the road. Staff was pleasant and then ignored me.

The other shop in the black book was Marios in downtown Portland. The designer selection of menswear was good: Zegna, Kiton, Borelli... amount of selection was poor. Service was poor and I felt very unwanted. My wife did go upstairs and was greeted politely and served upon.

The Brooks Brothers in town was the most helpful and understanding of someone out of the area looking for other shops. The best advice given was, "If you are looking for a good pair of shoes, don't shop in Portland."
It was a nice store and had good stock, just not the shoes I was looking for.

The Pearl district was nice and a bit trendy with a big Filson store that just opened up a couple of months ago. Very nice people and dog friendly too.

The Northwest district is more of a hip and trendy, boutique shop, area for the younger crowd. Again no good shoe shops.:icon_smile:

Los Angeles area -

I did check out the Nordstroms in the Glendale galleria. It just a normal Nordi with limited selection of shoes and things. Nothing special.

by the way - If you are in the area of Beverly Hills check out the city search at the top of the fashion list under Los Angeles. It is a very good list of shops to see;

The Brooks Brothers was big and the assistance was very good. Didn't know what last that the shoes were made on, but at least he was wearing a Pam. I really liked the Cordovan wingtips, just didn't know if Burgundy was as versatile as dark brown cap toes. That for another post and I will do a search after this post. Of course I will take any advice given.

Next door was a very nice Ralph Lauren shop. I guess you really need to like his stuff to like his stuff. I have to say that the service was very very nice and the shop was just a joy to walk into and around.

Turnbull and Asser shop was very nice. Great tie selection, of course all of the shirts and MTM area. They have a selection of Crockett and Jones upstairs. Now I know I can't wear them. I tried on the Handgrade, brown Selbourne (Oxford toe-cap). Length was long and width was a little tight.
Service was great.

Down the street from T and A was individual watch makers in boutique like shops. Maybe 10-20 watches to a store with an individual to help you in each. Very personal. Brietling, Patek, Pam to name a few.

Tons of other stores to check out. You could spend a week looking at them all. I only had 2 hours total. I was running in between them.


still in need of shoes.
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