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Shopping in Seoul?

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I'm going on a trip to Seoul, South Korea, with a friend in a couple of months.

I wondered if anyone had any menswear shopping recommendations, places to check out, etc?

Thank you in advance!
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My knowledge of Seoul isn't current enough to really recommend shops, but I can tell you right now that your main problem is going to be sizing - unless you're getting stuff made/tailored, you may find Korea a frustrating OTR experience. Japan, same story.

(Well, I say that as someone who's 185cm/80kg, so if you're more "Korean-sized" it might not be an issue.)

That said, the top tailors are in Gangnam-gu and Yongsam-gu, so I'd focus on those neighborhoods.

I wonder if that is the area made famous by the Korean Pop song Gangnam Style?
I have never quite understood what the label "influencer" means. Who are they influencing and how are they doing it? I suppose I am just not "with it" in my dotage, LOL.

I have been to the Champs Elyseés and Rodeo Drive, but not, alas, to the Ginza. How about Bourbon Street in good ol' N'Awleans instead?
An "influencer" is someone whose social media brand catalyzes product sales.

For example, if, say, an "Instagram model" with one million followers posts him or herself wearing a certain jacket, and that causes 30,000 jackets to be sold (3% of their followers), then that person is an "influencer".

It's different from "celebrity" in that a celebrity IS an influencer (certainly, their endorsement can move product), but an influencer is not necessarily a celebrity.

Thank you. So does the company selling the jacket pay a commission to the influencer?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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