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I am not sure what is meant by "OTR", but since it doesn't mean bespoke, I shall take it to mean either "ready to wear" (RTW) or "made-to-measure". All upscale Italian menswear retailers offer RTW and Rome is no exception.

Most of my clothing comes from Rome or Naples and I too take a size 44 0r 46. This can be a problem since most Italian men are slim (obsessed as they are with cutting a bella figura), there are few 'outsize' stores in Italy and those few offer garments which I am unable to recommend.

February is also a problem: Italians are fashion-obsessives and buy at the beginning of each season. That said, the current economic downturn may help and you may be lucky enough to find Spring-wear.

I recommend the following (in no particular order):

1. LP - Via de' Prefetti

2. FG - ditto (also at Piazza Pitagora, which is the flagship)

3. Spada - Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina

4. Sergio Nesci - near the Spanish Steps

5. Borrelli - Via Mario de' Fiori

6. Battistoni - near the Spanish steps

7. Kingly - near Piazza del Popolo.

A cheaper alternative where, with care, it is possible to find some fine Castangia suits is Eredi Pisano at Via del Corso.

Enjoy your trip!
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