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l'll tell ya what gents, l am a very happy camper today. l bought 12 wooden shoo trees (l bought out my entire size) for $7.65 ($5.00 U.S) each. l am so rapt, l am over the moon. l buy them from a factory. Unfortunately, l haven't been able to get good wooden shoo trees at wholesale for 3 - 4 years. l have been forced to buy horrible plastic trees for the past 4 years. lf l buy an average of 6 - 7 pairs of shoos a year, that is about 25 shoos on plastic trees (disgusting). l can hear my shoos singing for joy. l can't wait to get home so l can re-tree the shoos with wooden ones. The ones below have done an excellent job in helping my shoos keep their shape.

l've also had my first pair of shoos resoled (never had to get a pair resoled before - too many shoos). l am absolutely delighted with the results. They look brand new. To my extreme delight, the cobbler can welt and blake stitch shoos. WOW. l have been looking for many years for a bloke that can re-stitch shoos without much success. l have always gone to shoo makers [instead of shoo repairers] to repair my shoos. No more though. l will go to this shoo repair place in future. l did take a picture of the soles for your viewing but l can't get imageshack to upload the picture. Damn. l can't stop looking at the bottom of the newly stitched shoos.:D:D:Dl go to bed every night and just stare at the shoos in delight. l don't even want to wear them because l don't want to mess up the soles. However, l must live in the real world and wear them so l will take the plunge [and mess up my new soles] on the weekend.:(

lt is such a relief to know that a good cobbler can resole shoos in Australia. Good cobblers are in short supply and very hard to find. The cobbler is going to give me a call when he is welting and blake stitching shoos so l can watch next time.:D:D:D l will be like a kid in a candy store. My eyes will light up and l will be extremely excited.[:p]

That's all the shoo news from down under at the moment.

Regards gents: your shooman.[:p]

GR8MAN (The shooman) B8MAN.
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