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From a Personal Journal story in today's Wall Street Journal (p. D7):

Buy custom-made shoes

For me, a leather rounded-toe Oxford lace-up with hand-sewn welting is the most comfortable shoe there is. That is because welting -- where a strip of material is hand-stitched between the sole and the upper part of the shoe -- is essential for enhancing flexibility.

It also makes the shoe easier to repair, since cobblers can easily rip and replace, compared to ready-made shoes with glued and molded soles directly attached to the upper. If you can't afford custom-made shoes, buy ready-made shoes elsewhere and bring them into the store to have welting put in. This costs about a third of the price of a handmade pair.
Leaving aside the obvious inaccuracies, huh? Does anyone have any idea what the author is talking about in the second-to-last sentence? I've never heard of anything so silly.
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