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+1....Moreover, if the cedar trees did absorb significant quantities of moisture, wouldn't they start to become soft and punky in short order? The claims I have sometimes heard that the feet exude large quantities of sweat in the course of the day seem very questionable. If that were so, why are my socks not sopping wet when I take them off at night?...
I stand by my original posts.
Case in point. Cedar is used to make a lot of outdoor furniture. I suspect the reason for this is how it reacts to weather elements. For example, have you ever noticed how quickly cedar dries after a rainstorm?
Well, as embarrassing as it might sound, I gotta tell you, my feet sweat...particularly during the summer months. Point in running shoes (during the summer months) have been blamed for decimating the small wildlife populations along my favored running routes, while my dress shoes exude no significant offensive odors. I put cedar shoe trees in all of my leather shoes but, have never used shoe trees in my running shoes! The evidence forces me to agree with Nick V. ;)
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