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My wife and I share a small (8' x 8') walk-in wardrobe which I had converted a couple of years back by one of those custom wardrobe companies similar to California Closets. Ergonomically everything is a good fit and looks nice.

But shoe storage is the biggest problem. I've got about 10 shoes of wardrobe quality, and they occupy the space where my sweaters and polo shirts should be stored.

I'm buying more shoes and they will need to be placed somewhere easy to get at. This requirement pretty much prevents them being stored in boxes at the top of the wardrobe. There is room above the top shelf, but this is taken up with suitcases, spare pillows and the like - and it's difficult to get to, requiring a stool each time.

In my ideal wardrobe, the shoes would be stored on long runs of angled shelving, toe downwards. But there is not enough space anywhere for that. The areas set aside for shirts, jackets and trousers are an exact fit so there's no room for anything else under them.

What does everyone else do when you're short of space? Can you share a few ideas?
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