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Well I suppose it was bound to happen but my favorite 15 year old black oxfords have some legit damage. Its pretty straightforward the leather lining is tearing away at the top stitch. It isnt a surprise the leather is incredibly thin. This creates a seperation between the lining and the shell. Everything else is fantastic, I just resoled them about a year ago and the shell while heavily creased has no other issues. I love them and they were my first church's and really my first really good pair of shoes.
I could probably use rubber cement and noone would be the wiser. Honestly when I put them on you cant see it. I dont think this is the best option though. I have atleast another 10 years on these shoes so I would like to do a proper repair. I am not skilled enough to do it myself and I would like to equal level of skill involved in repair. Does anyone have recommendations for a repair service?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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