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FedEx delivered a box at my doorstep yesterday. It contained my much anticpated new shoes from AE. I am a releatively new convert to AE and have really liked the shoes that I have prurchased from them so far. Previously most of my shoes came from J&M.

My new additions were the Strand, a beautiful captoe in black custom calf; and the McAllister wingtips in merlot burnished calf. I immediately laced these babies up and slid them on. Perfect fit!!!

But as I examined them closely, ready to put an inauguaral coat of polish on them, I noticed that the leather is not the silky smooth leather that I am used to from J&M, and I could not polish them to the deep military gloss that I can achieve with my J&M's. I pulled out a pair of my favorite J&M's, Deerfield wingtips in black calf, which I had polished after wearing them last (same polish -AE premium cream polish). The contrast to the new AE's was stark. The J&M's leather is silky smooth and shines to a deep military shine (something that I aspire to for all my shoes). Not a plastic looking shine, but one that makes you really appreciate the smooth finish of the leather.

So this leads me to several questions:

1. Is the shiney deep polished look desirable?
2. Is there a difference between calf and custom calf?
3. What does burnished mean?
4. Is there some kind of wax or coating on the AE shoes that needs to be removed to achieve the shine?
5. Are there different polishing techniques that should be used for different kinds of leather, colors, and finishes?
6. Is it true that black polish should be used on burnished shoes?
7. What terms or descriptions are out there to describe leather types and finishes, and colors (full grain, pebble grain, calf, burnished, analine, veal, soft grain, etc.) And what do these terms mean?

I apologize in advance if there is an existing thread that covers these topics. I did not find one that answers these specific questions.

Thanks for your help.
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