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Thought I'd throw this out to some of our shoe mavens.

I have been having problems with shoes for the last couple of years. When I am measured using one of the standard shoe store devices I always come out to be a 12D (My right foot is a bit smaller). The problem is that I tend to have trouble with 12D shoes.

In my Allen Edmonds Camerons I have to go to a 12E or they kill my feet across the bridge. In my Dunhill (C&J) and Faconnable 12D captoes my right toe gets severely pinched right around the part where the toe joins the foot. After a day of walking in these my foot is bruised to within an inch of it's life! I actually can get scabs there. I also have a pair of 12E Dunhills - the same shoe in a different color - which are not as bad, but still do it a bit. The 12E's, however, look much worse. They are too big across the middle, and look way to clunky.

Yesterday I spent the day in my Vass captoes which are a 12 (45). Even they cause some discomfort, though in slightly diferent areas and not nearly as bad.

So, 12D's are to small(?), 12E's are usually to big (Except the Cameron), 13's are out of the question.

I really like a low profile, elegant, and form fitted looking shoe with a narrow waist.

-WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? And what can I do?

-Does anyone know of a great shoe guy in NYC that might be able to make some suggestions? The salesmen at the stores usually don't have much of a clue. By the way, I can't stand adding pads and such to any shoes. They just fall out, or slide around, and one is left with a sticky gross residue from the adhesive.

-Finally, would bespoke be a solution? What if they have problems too, and I've had to shell out 2, 3, or even 4K for them?
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