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Hello All:

Can anyone tell me if a leather covered welt is superior to the channelled soles that one sees on Allen Edmonds shoes. I have noticed that many high end shoe manufacturers use the leather covered welt, e.g. Lobb, E. Green, C.J. Benchgrade, etc.

I have recently been able to locate a source of some nice Grenson shoes. I cannot tell if they are Masterpieces or from the Footmasters collection. Does anyone here know how to visually tell the difference? Also, are the Masterpieces of the same quality as a C.J. Handgrade, or are they more like the Benchgrade line? Does anyone know what the regular retail price is for Grenson Masterpieces?

As far as I can tell, the quality of the uppers is very consistent from Grenson, to Allen Edmonds, Alden, Brooks Peal (Sargent), C.J. et al. The only differences I can tell by eye are in the construction and coloration techniques. Can anyone on the forum elaborate on how to tell the good from the very best?

Thanks for the help, and always,


Matthew Morse
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