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Shoe Cleaner/Conditioner and Shoe Cream Recommendations

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I was hoping to avoid a new thread, but the more I read the more confused I became.

I have new AE 5th Avenues in mahogany. Besides shoe trees and brushes, what shoe care products should I buy? I'll likely buy some black shoes soon.

I think I need the following:

1) Shoe cleaner/conditioner. Lexol? Venetian Shoe Cream? Other?
2) Neutral shoe cream: brand?
3) Colored shoe cream (for scuffs, etc.): likely Saffir Mahogany shoe cream.

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I was in a similar situation when I purchased my first pair of AE's. There are some good shoe care videos on youtube from The Elegant Oxford and Kirby Allison (The Hanger Project) that helped.

The 5th Ave's will be in great care with:

0) 10% Alcohol / 90% water mix (to remove shoe polish)
1) Bick 4 (cleans and most importantly moisturizes leather)
2) Mahogany Kiwi cream polish (neutral is not as useful because it doesn't repair scratches)
3) Neutral Kiwi wax (optional)

If you find yourself really getting into shining shoes, it seems the "pros" use:

0) Saphir Renomat
1) Saphir Renovateur
2) Mahogany Saphir Pommadier
3) Neutral Saphir Pate De Luxe (optional)
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