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Shoe Cleaner/Conditioner and Shoe Cream Recommendations

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I was hoping to avoid a new thread, but the more I read the more confused I became.

I have new AE 5th Avenues in mahogany. Besides shoe trees and brushes, what shoe care products should I buy? I'll likely buy some black shoes soon.

I think I need the following:

1) Shoe cleaner/conditioner. Lexol? Venetian Shoe Cream? Other?
2) Neutral shoe cream: brand?
3) Colored shoe cream (for scuffs, etc.): likely Saffir Mahogany shoe cream.

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Cleaner: brush, maybe cloth dampened with water, unless you need to remove old polish, in which case acetone.

Conditioner: Lexol, hardly ever actually needed.

Neutral polish: why?

Colored polish: Kiwi.

Bonus: Snoseal, excellent at water proofing boots

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