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We've got a doozy of a contest for you this time!

In cooperation with Jermyn Street Guild, Criquet Shirts & Potter & Sons, we're offering Ask Andy Members the chance at winning the following prizes:
  • 1st Prize: 6 Jermyn Street Guild shirts of customer choice
  • 2nd Prize: 4 Jermyn Street Guild shirts of customer choice
  • 3rd Prize: 2 Jermyn Street Guild shirts of customer choice
  • 4th Prize: $350 Gift Certificate at Criquet Shirts
  • 5th Prize: $250 Gift Certificate at Potter & Sons (Shoe Care & Restoration)

Contest Details
  • To ENTER: Simply post a comment here on this thread and tell us which prize you would pick. You can change your mind later too
  • You must be a REGISTERED member. Guest posts/entries are ineligible (because we can't contact you)
  • The comment/reply will enter you into this contest automatically. If you post multiple comments, they will only be counted as one (1) entry
  • Contest runs from 5/14/20 through 6/04/20 @ 11:59:59 pm PT (May 14th - Jun 4th)
  • No purchase necessary
  • Prior contest winners within the last 6 months are not eligible to enter and/or win in this contest. This allows us others to have the chance to win
  • You must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited
  • The (5) winners will be selected via a random-type draw after the conclusion of the contest
  • Clarifications and/or corrections to the rules of this contest may be made during the duration of the contest
Share a link to this contest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn and get one (1) BONUS entry, doubling your chance at winning the prize! If posting on Facebook, be sure the post is set to Public.

To get your bonus entry, post a comment here with a link to where you shared this contest so it can be verified.

Ok, here we go!!!

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I would like the gift certificate to potter and sons to aid in my shoe care.
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Not sure how I found myself here tonight ... was searching for something and Ask Andy came up. I haven't been on the menswear forums in quite some time.

Oh, I'd take the shirts.
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