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Quick question since I am a buried under fall orders and making decisions today...

What prices do you typically see on high end RTW shirts in the following fabrics

2x2 200's
85/15 Cotton/Cashmere blends
50/50 Silk/Cotton blends
70/30 Cotton/Linen blends
100% Cashmere

The first 4 are in the collection for sure, the pure Cashmere I am thinking about a bit - it would run $600 per shirt so getting stuck with 60 of them would be... unfortunate.

Anyway - if you have seen the above fabrics in the stores and can give me an idea of how they were priced I would appreciate it. I know what the more 'standard' stuff runs but I don't think I have seen any of the above in RTW any time in the recent past.

I'll be showing the collection soon, around 20 fabrics for the fall collection.

Oh, another question and I am clueless on this one - how many of you guys buy shirts for the wife? In the next collection we are going to offer a shirt for the gals since they are always complaining that the guys shirts fit bad and the gals shirts are crap quality. For a high quality Ladies' dress shirt who are the best and what do they cost?

Forgive my recent disappearance - training two new employess the past couple weeks, dealing with network outages and have been totally slammed with the fall collection but hopefully offloading more stuff to employees will free up time :)
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