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My new dress shirt had all its seams pucker after its first washing and ironing. Each seam, including the inch wide strip down the center, is so tragically wrinkled it looks like seersucker. This was a shock to me, for the following reasons:

1. The shirt is less than 24 hours old.
2. It retailed for well over $100.
3. It otherwise appears very well made.

What gives? Is this a defective shirt, whose fabric was perhaps not pre-shrunk? Did I screw it up?

I have lots of shirts and treat them like this:
Machine wash warm, then delicate temp dry them for MAYBE 10 minutes. They are a bit damp when I iron them, and usually come out great. The label says hot iron, but I've polished a couple of shirts with my iron before, so I ironed cooler this time.

I have never had seams pucker like this before.

Any advice? If people think this behavior isn't normal I'll make sure to return it.

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