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I am getting some shirts tailored, my first time :D and was looking for some advice on well accepted measurements for certain parts of the shirt. I am getting an assortment of dress shirts and business wear shirts. I am 27, male, joining an Ivy League in Philadelphia for my MBA.

1) Pleat - Box Pleat, Shoulder Pleat or No Pleat whats in and appropriate?

2) Cuffs - I plan to get French Cuffs and Barrel Cuffs

French Cuffs - I measured a few French Cuff shirts that I had (readymade) and the cuff (i.e. after folding) varied between
2.5-3 inches. What is the most commonly used measurement?

Barrel Cuffs- What should be the measurement, in inches, of the Cuff? Is Miltered preferred over the regular rounded barrel cuff?

3) Front Placket Style - None, Regular or French?

Thanks for your time and tips.

I really appreciate it.

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