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Alright, as I have said in threads before, I am 24 next fall will start my last year of law school. This summer I am working for a law firm as a summer associate (clerk...whatever you want to call it). I have begun to amass my wardrobe. At the moment I really have a limited budget, and my biggest problem seems to be shirts.

I have such a hard time finding shirts. I have noticed that a lot of guys here have a similar problem, but I am in pretty good shape, broad chest and shoulders, fairly narrow waist (32), and a neck thats too big (16). If I find a shirt that fits my neck I get a sail around my waist.

What I would like is any advise for finding shirts that are slim cut, but still fits my neck. I have one shirt that I "aquired", its Jos
A Bank and it says something like 80 pinpoint cotton, I really like this matterial, I also have a Brooks Slim fit shirt that fits, ok, but the material is awful (it wrinkled terribly when I just tied my shoes). So this is what I'm looking for: a really slim cut shirt, thats a material similar to this 80 pinpoint cotton...and the I have no money, it has to be cheap, any suggestions?
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