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You have to be careful even in Edinburgh. World famous Kinloch Anderson sells sweaters of Australian wool spun by Hinchcliffe in Yorkshire, but made in China.

T.M. Adie, the former maker of Paul Stuart fair isles, folded several years ago.
Pringle closed its Hawick mill in July of 2008.
Judane folded in 2005.
The same company that owned the Scotch House chain replaced them with Burberry stores in 2002.
I think W. Bill is now strictly a cloth merchant to the trade.

In addition to the Harley stockists, I'd consider emailing these makers and request names of retail stockists of their Shetland sweaters in Edinburgh.

[email protected] (actually in the Shetland isles) (Ben Silver maker, but sweaters are apparently unavailable when going through the link from the U.S. Only a list of yarn stockist in the U.S.)

John Tulloch down in Selkirk used to be based in the Shetlands but moved to the borders and specialized in Shetland knitwear. The web site is now defunct but they may still be in business and supply private labeled knitwear to shops in Edinburgh. I doubt that you would want to go to the trouble of sleuthing this, just a thought.

The Scots knitwear industry has changed rapidly since the turn of the century. Old names fold, newer small operations spring up. The Shetland Knitwear Trades Association has removed its member links
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