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Shell cordo bloom, does it ever stop?

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I have a few pair of shell cordovan shoes that continually bloom the white powdery residue. I also have a few pair that do not and never have bloomed. I've read that it's the fat within the shell that leaches out. I kind of enjoy pulling them out of their felt bags and brushing off the residue before wearing them.

Presumably this blooming happens until all the fat is gone, or at least stabilized. Any ideas how long this takes? I have a couple pair over two years old that are still going. I suppose, once the blooming ends...better order a pair to replace it, plus a backup pair!
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I do not think a cessation of blooming means that they shoe is at the end of its life at all. I too have 2 year old pairs that still bloom, and others that never did at all. The tanning process is a very old one---I don't think it can be counted on like a quartz watch.
^Interesting observation Uncle. Come to think of it, it is the worst on whiskey that I have not worn for awhile, and slightly better in cigar. I do have a pair of #8 LHS that had some bloom after not being worn for about 6 weeks, but a very small amount.

Do you think the lack of bloom on lighter color reflects an "unhealthy" shoe?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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