The landscape of men's fashion, in general, is constantly changing.
Every year, people have to adapt slightly making sure their wardrobe is tailored, high quality, and relevant.
Dressing classic never goes out of style, but there's still a few things folks should know to stay up with the trends.
With that in mind, I reached out to seven different style bloggers to get their takes on what men need to do to dress sharp this year. I'm passing the microphone over to them so you can hear what they have to say…
Though not from backgrounds focused solely on black men's fashion, I thought their perspectives were useful tips that apply across the spectrum.
Check out what they had to say.

My only prediction is this: When it comes to formalwear, men will continue to wise up and actually get a bit looser with their clothes.
For a long time (I'd say 2007-2013 or so), we were on this trend of tighter and tighter suit silhouettes, slimmer lapels, slimmer pants, etc.
But when it comes to formalwear, tighter and slimmer isn't always better.
Suit jackets and trousers need to drape well for them to look good. Pants need to sit higher up on the waist. Jackets need to cover the butt. Things like that.
Guys are moving back to that equilibrium again... back to well fitting and flattering, not tight and overly slim. To be honest, I'm happy to see it move that direction again.

While I don't consider myself a style expert and I don't really pay attention to trends, here's what I predict for 2018:
I think more men will catch the "bug" when it comes to dressing better and finding clothes that actually fit their bodies.
We've reached a tipping point where most men now realize that spending time to improve their appearances isn't's merely a way to show respect for yourself and for the people around you.

I think we will see more floral prints and shoe colors other than the usual black and brown.
We'll also see more classic men's sunglasses and neckwear with coarser textures such as shantung grenadines, and blends such as raw silk, mohair, wool, alpaca...
Black men will continue to look dapper in high contrast outfits.

Raphael Schneider, The Gentlemen's Gazette
I think the men's style "trend" of suited and dapper looks has reached its apogee. Does that mean I think it's going to go away?
Not at all. Because, you know, men who liked tailored clothing have always existed and will continue to exist. But I think there will be more attention paid to the artistry of designers from a fashion standpoint.
From a tailored standpoint, we're going to see a relaxation of silhouettes.
Less form-fitting jackets, fuller trouser legs - nothing atavistic, but a result of men understanding that clothing should not only look good, but it should be comfortable.
If you take a look at the classic men's style landscape on Instagram, you'll see an emerging group of mainly more mature men gaining traction not because of their perfectly shot and edited photos, but because of their earnest and authentic approach to dressing themselves in a timeless and classic way.
It's been refreshing, to say the least. We need more of that.

Brian Sacawa, He Spoke Style
I'm excited to see men become as invested in improving their self-awareness as they are with improving their personal style.
We're seeing a reckoning right now, with women calling attention to improper behavior by men in all different industries, and I believe that it's a great opportunity for men to reflect on how they might be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

As someone who doesn't follow high fashion or go to runway shows, it's tough to predict which trends will emerge in 2018.
And, honestly, I don't really care what this year's hottest new color will be, or which designer will win some reality TV show.
I prefer to focus on building a relatively "timeless" wardrobe that will look good 5 or even 10 years from now....
That said, I do think we're going to see a couple of popular trends continue to die off in 2018. First, super skinny fit clothing (especially pants) will become rare.
I think men will continue to seek out clothes that fit properly (which usually means sizing down and trimming excess fabric), but I think the ultra skinny "painted on" look has run its course, especially for men over 20 years old.
Finally, I think technical fabrics will gain even more popularity as athleisure continues weave its way into our wardrobes, and as men increasingly demand comfort from their business casual getups.
By the end of 2018, it will be rare to find a denim manufacturer that doesn't include a bit of stretch in its jeans collections.
More and more brands will develop proprietary performance fabrics for use in both casual and formal clothing.

I advise the readers of to keep to a classic wardrobe.
The advantage is that it's not going to go out of style next year so you'll be able to afford higher quality clothing.
I certainly don't recommend that you still have a Member's Only jacket or bell bottoms in your closet, but "fashion" can be fickle!
One trend I do endorse is the blue suit (not navy) you're starting to see in the stores, online and at business meetings.
And more pocket squares and brown shoes with all suit colors.
Many stores are featuring black suits, but just be aware that they are not yet accepted by the elite executives in the inner circles.
Black for suits has always been reserved for funerals and other night social event.

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- H Bashir