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Scandanavian Tour

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My wife and I are going to be visit these locations so if you'd like to meet, go shopping, or just buy me a drink :beer: let me know. The travel schedule with the included tours is tight, but maybe we can work something out!

May 31 to Jun 2 Sun London United Kingdom
Jun 3 Mon Cruising the North Sea
Jun 4 Tue Kristiansand, Norway 8 AM 6 PM
Jun 5 Wed Oslo, Norway 8 AM 5 PM
Jun 6 Thu Copenhagen, Denmark 10 AM 10 PM
Jun 7 Fri Warnemunde, Germany 6 AM 8 PM
Jun 8 Sat Visby, Sweden 1 PM 6 PM
Jun 9 Sun Helsinki, Finland 11 AM 8 PM
Jun 10 Mon to Jun 12 Wed St. Petersburg, Russia
Jun 13 Thu Tallinn, Estonia 8 AM 5 PM
Jun 14, 15, 16 Stockholm, Sweden
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I'm eating my way across France in October-November but after a exceptional tamale, I wonder why I don't just fly down to Oaxaca, rent a car and eat my way to Veracruz. It's worth a thought . . .
Finishing in El Gaucho, with a steak Texans can only dream of.........
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