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Scandanavian Tour

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My wife and I are going to be visit these locations so if you'd like to meet, go shopping, or just buy me a drink :beer: let me know. The travel schedule with the included tours is tight, but maybe we can work something out!

May 31 to Jun 2 Sun London United Kingdom
Jun 3 Mon Cruising the North Sea
Jun 4 Tue Kristiansand, Norway 8 AM 6 PM
Jun 5 Wed Oslo, Norway 8 AM 5 PM
Jun 6 Thu Copenhagen, Denmark 10 AM 10 PM
Jun 7 Fri Warnemunde, Germany 6 AM 8 PM
Jun 8 Sat Visby, Sweden 1 PM 6 PM
Jun 9 Sun Helsinki, Finland 11 AM 8 PM
Jun 10 Mon to Jun 12 Wed St. Petersburg, Russia
Jun 13 Thu Tallinn, Estonia 8 AM 5 PM
Jun 14, 15, 16 Stockholm, Sweden
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We have tentative attendees in Oslo and Stockholm, but still working on it - it's early! Anyone else?
Olso, Norway is set with smv, another Member and famous shoe maker Jan Petter Myhre!
Have a good trip Andy !
Thanks. Want to join us?

Good information. THANKS.
Jan Petter Myhre meeting!
Had a great meeting in Oslo, Norway with famous bespoke shoemaker Jan Petter Myhre.

He's not only an artisan of the highest level, but a wonderful gentlemen. We've corresponded for years, but this was the first time we've met and got to talk face-to-face.
Look forward to seeing you in Oslo, Andy. Oslo - The Capital of Cool
Uteblivelse! Not cool!
Stockholm! It's been warm here which is unusual and has amazed the locals. Met with famous Member Bjorn.

Bjorn traveled over an hour both ways just to talk! He also attended the first AskAndy London event several years ago. A true friend and dedicated AAAC Member!

Glasses Amber Orange Smile Standing

I showed him the shirt I'd gotten from Bernhard of London though Patrik, a local representative of the company. Great shirt - they only make white OCBD shirts. More details later!
Orange Jacket Fun Event Conversation
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One of our best trips! Thanks.
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