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Savile Row vs. Milan vs. JC Penney

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We have had a couple of threads lately discussing the merits of Svaile Row and Milan. Some posts have become rather lively.

Gentlemen, it isn't as if we are talking in absolutes. Savile Row is not "better" than Milan, nor is Milan "better" than Savile Row.

Style is a personal thing. One wears what one likes.

I agree some men clothed by Milan will put 99% of the world's dressers to shame.

But some clothed by Savile Row will do the same. Or Brooks and JPress or Polo or other designers.

And a man armed with confidence and a good alterations tailor can put 99% of the world to shame wearing an off-the-peg suit from JC Penney!

You see, it really isn't the clothes as much as it is the man. A man with confidence, who carries himself well, knows what he likes and doesn't worry too much about shifting fashion tides will look good.

A man who lacks confidence will not, even in the most expensive garments. Even in the "best" suit.

While it is fun to debate what is the "best" style, if done in a cordial way, it all comes down to personal preference. For style is personal.

I've had my suits built by A&S for nearly 25 years, and while I haven't had one made in 5 years or so, all the suits they have made for me remain in top shape and fit exactly as they should.

Savile Row and Jermyn Street are right for me. Does that mean I'm mired in the past? If you say so. Will I change? Not a chance.

I freely admit I'm not up to date on Milan or the offerings of any Italian house. But I don't have to be. If you prefer Italian, by all means indulge. If you feel you look better in "updated" classics, that's wonderful.

Everyone has an opinion as to what looks good. But they are, in the end, nothing but opinions and are not absolutes. And arguing too stringently about what is "best" - or what doesn't make the grade -shows a lack of the most important quality in style - confidence.

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