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Anyone here besides Baby Chickpea and myself miss the old RJ label of white on navy, before he split the line up into "Mayfair" and "Savile Row"? Until several years ago, everything from the tailoring and shirts to the luggage, socks and leathergoods was made in the UK and had a nice atavistic feel to it that even if the design was fashion forward there was a quality and heritage behind its make. I've started haunting ebay for the older made-in-UK shirts. Apparently the wallets and belts may be made in Italy now, but I've stocked up with a colorblock card case and wallet that were handmade in England. My one RJ belt (patent leather with blue lining) was also made there. I was lucky enough to pcik up one of the hideously expensive hand-beaded formal shirts from yoox but I believe it was made after RJ stopped using S. Lock, beaders to the Queen, to do the handwork. RJ also used to use good British cloths -- Taylor and Lodge among them -- although I believe he's now switched mainly to Lanificio Cerruti. Still, I think some of the suits are marginally better made now -- at least one seemed canvassed when I examined it at Bergdorfs. As to the shirts, while I'm sure Slovakia has a good tailoring tradition, and that one might view it differently should the label have said made in Switzerland or in Austria, I just can't spend $300 knowing the shirt was made there with much lower labor costs than before.

So, slip on your glass cufflinks and colorful Pantherellas (but don't throw yourself off a building like the young man in the RJ commercial) and contribute to this RJ trad thread.

-- l'homme-RJ
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