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Replacing 30 year old pair of Allen Edmonds, looking for suggestions

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I purchased the shoes I'm replacing in 1992. Blucher/Derby style, plain toe, welted rubber sole, probably calfskin. A fairly informal shoe that could move between an evening in a blazer and the sidelines of a soccer field. I have replaced the sole twice and recrafted the leather twice; the lining has come loose, stitching is pulling away from the leather, so I think it's time to replace them. No idea what model these are, but they look a little like the current AE Chicago or Alpine.

There was a time when I would have considered another pair of Allen Edmonds or maybe Johnston & Murphy, but in my opinion, those brands have seen better days. Allen Edmonds still makes a solid shell cordovan shoe, but i like Alden's shell offerings more, and i need something more casual.

Current options under consideration to replace them: Alden plain toe bluchers, models 941C, 9431S, 9432S. they're options, but $500-$600 seems like a lot of money for a casual shoe, even if they might also last 30 years. I'm also looking at Rancourt's Camden Derby. I have been happy the past several years with other shoes from Alden and Rancourt.

Other suggestions welcome.
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The shoe that you are describing sounds a lot like the Allen Edmonds Leeds. It's been in their lineup for a long time.

My #8 shell cordovan Leeds are still in my shoe rotation, having given me 45+ years of good and comfortable service. However, truth be known, they have been twice refurbished by AE. They still look great.;)
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I can't speak for how it works today, but in the past, their refurbishing service has been excellent for me.
As you have observed, my experience with AE's recrafting has been consistently great!~ ;)
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