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I've been looking for a clothing brand that could be my go-to. Here are some information about me and what I'm looking for in a brand.

  • 29 y.o
  • I like classic, but modern looking style that doesn't fall too far behind the trend, but no fast fashion either
  • Annually, I spend about $500-$800 on clothes, and my wardrobe is a bit of a minimalist
  • Has just about everything one would need in their wardrobe
  • I work in a bit conservative business environment, so having a quality selection of suit, dress shirts/shoes, and ties is important
  • It also needs to have a solid membership system
  • My significant other has somewhat similar taste and needs for her clothes, so a brand that caters to both men and women is a big plus
  • No need for full blown luxury, but upscale image and name recognition would be good also
Given those information, what are some brands you guys would recommend?

Thank you so much!
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