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Those boots would not be appropriate for morning dress, for a number of reasons. They're bluchers. The contrast stitching on the welt makes them more casual, as do the metal eyelets and the speed-lacer hooks. To tell you the truth, they look like nothing so much as paratrooper jump boots. I like the way jump boots look, but not for formal morning dress.

Bal boots are tough to find. EG has the Shannon, and G&G has the Canterbury; but both of those are very expensive. The most reasonably-priced bal boot that I can think of would be a special order from Rider Boot Company (Ron Rider's venture -- the shoes are made at the same factory that Martegani shoes are made at). Here's an example of the pattern in shell cordovan:

If I were having the pattern made up as a formal boot, I'd do it without the metal eyelets and speed-lacing hooks and on a round-toe last. I'm not exactly sure of what the pricing would be, but I imagine that it would be around $600. Not cheap, but not $1100 or $1200, which is what Shannon or Canterbury would run.
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