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Our Tailors are visiting San Francisco, Dallas, Orlando & Hartford next week.

Request an appointment to get measured.

San Francisco - Monday 9th October.
Dallas - Tuesday 10th October.
Orlando - Wednesday 11th till Saturday 14th.
Hartford - Sunday 15th till Saturday 21st.

Make an appointment here.

Here is the itinerary for other major US cities our tailor will visit this fall.

A 1000 different fabrics and 100s of latest styles to order custom suits and shirts that fit great & look good!

All custom Suits and custom Shirts are bench made bespoke and can be delivered in as little as 2 weeks!

To suit all pockets and every budget, we offerspecial prices and package deals on our roadshows.

Check out other major US cities on schedule here.

Available to view & to order will be our latest Selection of top notch fabrics for 2017 Fall/Winter Season.

Promotion: Refer a friend, colleague, co-worker or bring him/her along to the appointment. Get a free shirt with your order when they place an order!

Personal visit to Home or Office: If you are 3 or more - request a personal visit to your office or home from our master tailor (subject to availability). Send us an email for more information.

Hurry! - Book an Appointment Online or Call us 24/7 at 1 646 257 5886

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Tweet this post or Share it on Facebook and enter our lucky draw to win a CUSTOM MADE SUIT from Ravis Custom Tailors.

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