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Questions on Stuart’s Choice Shoes

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Hello all, so recently I found these on eBay for $60. I know that Paul Stuart made in England footwear has been supplied by Grenson and EG. But I can't tell who made these. I have never seen a Grenson size stamp with an oval but I have seen EG like that. But the size label's order seems off compared to other EG shoes I've seen (last, size, model, etc). I read somewhere that Paul Stuart and EG split ways in 2000 and these don't look like 18 year old shoes. Unless they've been in the closet for a better part of those 18+ years. I've attached pictures as well. If anyone could shed some light on these that'd be apprieciated. They fit and feel great so I'm keeping them regardless of the answer.
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Hi. These are grensen masterpiece for stuarts choice. Very high quality shoe. Perhaps not edward green but great quality stuff. I had a number of these in my rotation a few years ago and they can often be found on eBay for under $100.
Edward Green also made for stuarts choice and I still have a pair. It has the customary edward green nail pattern and the writing is slightly different. Will get you a pic if I can. You can tell the difference in the oval size stamp grenson size is usually on the bottom.
Nice shoes. Enjoy.
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