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Question re: bib front tuxedo shirt

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I've got a formal event this weekend for the first time in forever (thanks, COVID) and ordered this tuxedo shirt for the occasion:

My question: is the bib front style of this shirt only meant to be worn with a cummerbund? I wear suspenders with my tux, and upon trying this shirt on it looks weird with a seam across the front middle of the chest where the bottom of the bib runs, plus there's a pretty stark difference in coloration between where the bib is and where it isn't. If you wore a cummerbund with your tux it would cover up most of the affected area, but I refuse to wear a cummerbund.

I dont know the first thing about style so figured I'd ask. Thanks!
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Justin, if you “refuse to wear a cummerbund,” then wear a vest.

When Dean Martin wore a tuxedo, he would sometimes wear a shirt with a button-down collar and button cuffs, and neither a cummerbund nor a vest.

But he was Dean Martin.
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