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Question re: bib front tuxedo shirt

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I've got a formal event this weekend for the first time in forever (thanks, COVID) and ordered this tuxedo shirt for the occasion:

My question: is the bib front style of this shirt only meant to be worn with a cummerbund? I wear suspenders with my tux, and upon trying this shirt on it looks weird with a seam across the front middle of the chest where the bottom of the bib runs, plus there's a pretty stark difference in coloration between where the bib is and where it isn't. If you wore a cummerbund with your tux it would cover up most of the affected area, but I refuse to wear a cummerbund.

I dont know the first thing about style so figured I'd ask. Thanks!
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Make sure you review the pertinent articles linked from the Home Page like the Frequently Asked Questions:
[HEADING=2]When I wear suspenders with my Tuxedo, do I need a cummerbund?[/HEADING]
There are two things going on here which seem often to confuse gentlemen!

First formal trousers are held up by (only choice) braces (suspenders in American, but always the kind that attach to buttons inside the trouser waistband!

Sometimes the use of "suspenders" is to describe the clip on type!

The other thing is that the waistband of formal trousers must always be covered!

From the practice of wearing the jacket of White Tie open, and also that the formal shirt has a pleated front (to the waist only, so that it doesn't buckle when you sit down). This must be "hidden" at the waist and is always covered!

The choices for this "cover" are cummerbund (has nothing to do with holding up your pants), a vest, or a double breasted dinner jacket which is never unbuttoned in public.
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Formalwear has been with us for a long, long time with NO changes. It's not a "trendy" area. Stick with the Classics! You'll look great!
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