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First, let me say that I have really enjoyed Andy's Fashion Forum since discovering it several months ago - lots of great information and entertainment.

In reading and participating in it, I have noticed women occasionally posting replies to various topics, which I think is valuable. My question is, what is the attraction to visiting an ostensibly male fashion forum [?]

My wife has a keen eye for fashion and style and helps me greatly in my purchasing decisions. When I showed her the Andy's Encyclopedia article on How Women See Colors and how I discovered that I was a "summer", she laughed and said she had been aware of the "Seasonal System" for quite a number of years, especially as it concerns facial makeup. All I know is that it works! :D

So, I'm grateful for the fairer sex's participation and point of view, but I'm trying to understand what motivates you to participate in the first place? Just curious - that's all. Thanks.


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