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I was thumbing through my copy of the June 05 Robb Report, first off let me congradulate you on recieveing "best of the Best" honors...second, my question is, in the picture next to the segment on your shirts there are a few examples, there is a blue shirt with a very unusual variation of a barrel cuff...What is this cuff style called? is it something you designed yourself, or is it something which exists , but I just have never heard of before (which, given my limited extent of sartorial knowledge, isnt entirely impossible)...Either way, it's deffinately something different...very nice...Now, if only I could afford one :(...LoL...someday...[8D]

"Did you know you're wearing a striped shirt with a striped tie?"

"Yeah, I do it for the ladies..."

"Oh yeah??? Well do the ladies ever tell you that you look like an optical illusion???"
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