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I like Jim in Sunny So Calif's illustrations of vague. In addition to what alterations are being done the price is also affected by who is doing the alterations. Very simple alterations- sleeve lengths and trouser lengths- can often be done by a dry cleaner. When someone calls and asks what we charge to shorten sleeves I read them their "clothing Miranda rights" explaining that a custom tailor will charge them more to do that alteration than a dry cleaner will. More complicated alteration costs cannot be quoted with out seeing the garment on the individual- for example reducing the body girth of a jacket might require reducing three seams, reducing two seams, going into the armhole or not going into the armhole. ( The extra charge for the sleeves/trouser length may be worth it because we can do it same day!) It does not take a skilled tailor long to mark a garment for alteration. If you want additional correction to an alteration a good tailor will gladly do that for you.
Paul Winston
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