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Hello, guys,
I would like to buy a pair of good shoes. What do I consider good shoes? Good shoes for me are the ones that will serve me long time (the longer the better) that I get so much used to them that I am happy to repair them (preferably repair costs should not exceed 10-20% of new shoes price and preferably could be repaired in any country, but this is not compulsory). I would like to use them for work (office work, but sometimes I visit construction sites as well), use during holidays (so, while I expect not to walk in them a lot, it is possible that sometimes I will have to walk in them for miles). So, they should be smart, but not relatively conservative, a very comfortable.
What else? I live in the UK, so preferably it should be British made (that I could buy them during sale time!). And I like rubber soles - I find leather is too tough that it is painful to walk in some shoes with leather soles (however, I had good pair of Clarks shoes that were not bad at all).
Which companies do I have in mind? The first one was John Lobb, but while I know thay are of a good quality, I do not know if they be tough. And I am sure there could be some other companies that offer shoes of similar quality but lower in price.
Please, give me your recommendations and, if possible, please explain me why you think they match my requirements. Something tough like Dr Marten's and comfortable like Rohde, Salamander or Gabor would suit me well!
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