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Does anyone know where in NYC I can by medium- to high-quality elegant silk fabrics of traditional prints, such as paisley or foulard? Brioni and J Press type designs come to mind, I'm open to anything tasteful and not trendy.

I am interested in building a collection of silk neckscarves designed to be worn ascot-style tucked under on open collar, much like those I've seen in pictures from the Sixties and Seventies.

Since no one (to my knowledge) makes them any longer, I'd like to simply buy fabrics that quality venders might use for ties and silk squares, cut them into large squares, and roll the edges, to produce what is essentially an oversized pocket square.

Trouble is, I've been to quite a few Garment District fabric merchants, and no one sells what I'm looking for. I've been down 38s, 39s, and 40s between 7A and 8A. I've also been to B&J on 7A/40s (NE corner, 2nd floor), but with no luck. I've found an occasional contempory paisley, but in such cases the print is usually blurred, the fabric stiff, the design femenine, the design tasteless, or the like.

I haven't found anything online either, and if I did, I wouldn't know if it's any good until I saw it.

I know that many clothiers probably design their own prints, but I'm certain someone must make tastefully printed fabric available at retail.

BTW, I've thought about checks and stripes, but a think woven patterns would be too stiff against the skin.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much.
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