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Thought this was worth sharing:

We all focus so hard on the rules, the perfect pocket square to go with that jacket and which of 37 shoe lasts is the best.

Had an interesting visit on our website tonight from a gent who used the chat feature. Changed the name to protect the innocent but I thought you guys would enjoy this.

We usually handle the 'interview' dress question in a certain way - I wasn't expecting this one. I thought this was cool:

[CarloFranco] Hello
[Visitor] looking for formal dress
[CarloFranco] Ok
[CarloFranco] can you be more specific?
[Visitor] may 26
[Visitor] interview
[CarloFranco] I mean - what exactly do you need?
[CarloFranco] shirt/tie?
[Visitor] what should i wear
[Visitor] blazer
[CarloFranco] What kind of job
[CarloFranco] ?
[Visitor] interview for green card
[CarloFranco] Do you have a navy or charcoal gray suit?
[Visitor] no
[CarloFranco] Navy blazer and gray slacks?
[Visitor] wat is slacks
[CarloFranco] trousers
[CarloFranco] pants
[Visitor] can i order now for may ?
[CarloFranco] What do you have already?
[CarloFranco] and what is your budget
[Visitor] black suit
[CarloFranco] Do you have a nice white dress shirt and tie?
[Visitor] yeswhat color tie
[CarloFranco] Is this an interview with an employer or a federal agency?
[Visitor] federel agency
[Visitor] i look good in suit,but it is in may
[CarloFranco] With a Federal Agency the important thing is that you look neat. Clean white shirt, well pressed. Fresh haircut, suit and tie is not so important - the clothes should look neat and presentable, you do not want to be dressed expensively so much as neat
[CarloFranco] For a tie you want something conservative, preferably red but honestly I would not recommend spending a lot on it.
[Visitor] wat ur suggestion
[Visitor] not thinking abt money
[CarloFranco] That depends on your finances. If you make $100/hr I would make one suggestion. If you make $8/hr and have a family to feed I would make another
[Visitor] thinking abt presentation
[CarloFranco] Something Red or burgundy (wine) in color, silk, well knotted
[CarloFranco] the interviewer will probably not know if the tie is a good tie or not.
[CarloFranco] but a good knot will make you look better and more 'together'
[CarloFranco] I'm happy to sell you ties - just being honest and letting you know that you won't NEED the best tie for this
[Visitor] should i wear light blue shirt
[CarloFranco] That would look fine as well
[CarloFranco] Where are you from?
[Visitor] wat color tie go along?
[Visitor] ny
[CarloFranco] With a blue shirt red still wprks, so does gold.. especially if they have a little bit of blue in the pattern
[CarloFranco] I mean - what country are you from before coming to NY
[Visitor] bd
[Visitor] u?
[CarloFranco] 3rd generation American... European roots
[CarloFranco] What sort of job do you have? At the interview you want to look the part
[Visitor] where u now
[CarloFranco] Texas
[Visitor] should i wear t-shirt ?
[CarloFranco] No
[Visitor] i hv nice t-shirts
[CarloFranco] No
[CarloFranco] Wear a long sleeved dress shirt and a jacket
[Visitor] what kind jacket
[CarloFranco] Suit
[Visitor] weather gonna be hot
[CarloFranco] Doesn't matter
[CarloFranco] tee shirt doesn't convey respect
[Visitor] wat abt women ?
[CarloFranco] What about them
[Visitor] attire should be
[CarloFranco] Skirt and blouse.
[CarloFranco] Knee length or below on the skirt, nice, freshly pressed blouse.
[Visitor] she don't wear skirt
[CarloFranco] Then nice pants, not jeans
[Visitor] how abt shoes
[CarloFranco] You: To go with a black suit wear black dress shoes, not fancy, well polished and in good shape. Her: Low heel, conservative
[Visitor] wow
[CarloFranco] I wish you good luck on the green card and welcome to the US
[Visitor] thx
[CarloFranco] Have a great night, best of luck
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