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That's the first thing I check, on a check.

Hmm, that's interesting. See there's something else I never even would have thought of! So by non-matching, you mean the checked pattern is different at the end of each collar point, right?

I always thought of pattern matching as the pattern matching between the body of the shirt and yoke, and at the side seams. Hadn't even thought about the collar ends.
I always look at the collar on a patterned shirt to see if the two sides match. I don't worry too much about the side seams, though. Not usually very visible, and it's difficult to get the various body panels to match at that point.

Pocket match is obviously important (pocket pattern to body pattern), and I also like to find those that match across the front. A really well-made shirt will have the placket in synch with the pattern as well, hopefully with the major stripe centered.

Lastly, I put the cuffs together to match them with one another and make sure that the pattern is not off-center too much. With RTW, you sometimes have to go through a few before satisfying all those criteria.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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