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Izzy at LS Men's Clothing on W. 45th Street in NY read some of our posts and called me. He said that he can make-to-measure exactly what I like. Through his connection with H. Freeman & Son, he can have it create a made to measure model with zero fusing and the exact old pure J. Press natural shoulder, that J. Press doesn't quite duplicate anymore.
He said that the jacket would be indistinguishable from the Norman Hilton West End model (and apparently he can create the Hampton model too). Prices will be in the $600-$800 range, a huge bargain. He has a large stock of Loro Piana and Hickey Freeman end-of-bolt cloths on hand, and if we want heavier flannels, hopsack, tweeds, covert cloth, etc., he can get them from England (apparently for the higher price shown above). Years ago, I bought numerous Norman Hiltons, and more recently, a couple of Hickey Freemans, from him and was always very satisfied.
He can travel too. A few years ago, a customer in Baton Rouge got a number of friends together who were interested. Izzy flew down with samples, stayed a while and took numerous orders for made-to measure.
Izzy's source also owns the Troy Guild name. Although the plant is closed, he can have the old Troy Guild shirt with its longish rolled unfused and unlined collar perfectly duplicated.
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