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I've recently acquired a solid charcoal Oxxford 2-button Gibbons model suit with side vents at a great discount. As many of you know, they have a very long lapel buttonhole with a loop on the inside part, presumably to secure a flower when the opportunity presents itself. For some reason, I would really like to make use of this feature at some point, and I wanted to know if there were proper rules to be followed in its use.

First, based on the fact that my suit is a rather drab charcoal color (I bought it as my alpha suit for work; client meetings and such), I was thinking that only time I could realistically wear flowers would be on evening events such as dinner, theatre, or perhaps even a date. Would that be a proper use?

There is also a general curiosity on usage as well. Can you wear flowers only on certain seasons? Certain time of day? What kind of flowers can be worn? (in my limited observations so far, I've only seen carnations) And in what occasions would wearing a flower be acceptable?

I am most curious about the proper occasions for its use and what flowers I can use, since I tend to find carnations a bit boring than some other flowers I've come across. Would it be reasonable to use any flower that has a limited-size bloom (I'm assuming a sunflower would look clown-ish?), or are there strict limitations on what flowers are acceptable? Thank you for all your help.
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