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Prep school t-shirt

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I'm trying to find a particular type of t-shirt that some on this board might remember. It's basically a ringer t-shirt (contrasting neck and body). The neck trim then forms a two or three inch long vertical stripe down the front. Sometimes this vertical stripe is two contrasting colors. From a distance it almost looks like a henley without the buttons. I think these may have been once used as prep school gym shirts. I used to own one, but who knows where it went? Is there a term for these shirts, and more importantly, a source?

I think J Crew made some knockoffs a few years ago.
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Some Old Rowing Shirt Pictures

Smiling Stuart Auchincloss, an oarsman for the Kent School, who will be competing w. his crew at the Royal Henley Regatta.
Location: Kent, CT, US
Date taken: June 28, 1948

Kent School crew resting after time trials.
Location: Kent, CT, US
Date taken: June 1948

Note the "Henley" style shirts with buttons on the placket. Apparently, the henley shirt is so named because this style of shirt was the traditional uniform of rowers in the English town of Henley-on-Thames, home of the Royal Henley Regatta:
International Regatta
Date taken: April 1951
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