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Went to Filene's Basement today. Oxxford suits for $799. I really should. But anyway...

They have Prada slip-ons, in Green. The box clearly says, "Cordovan Leather". I cannot find this stamped in the shoe anywhere. The leather does seem rather thick.

Could it be possible that there is such a thing as a green Prada cordovan slip-on? 'Cause if there is, I am going to buy them. I don't think I will ever wear them, but I will buy them, just because I will never worry about another shoe purchase being outre again.


"When you wear something like spats, I think you might as well wear your favorite players jersey bc what youre saying is I want to be powerful like the bear and Im wearing its hide to tap into its power." - Film Noir Buff

"First sense of what "normal" good clothes looked like came from my dad, of course, and from Babar books." - Concordia
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