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Disclaimer--I have no financial or other connection to this issue and will probably never be able to afford to order a bespoke suit from Darren or anyone else on Savile Row.

The recent postings have made me sad for several reasons. I feel for the customers whose deposits and fabric are at best indefinitely and inexplicably delayed. I feel for the customers who expected a fantastic bespoke suit and got something less than they had hoped for. I also feel for Darren because I am a sometime small businessman (in financial consulting) who has operated on the edge at times. And I fear that AAAC may lose one of it's more valuable contributors.

So I would like to suggest the outline of a solution:

1. Darren, please come back to the forum and contribute once again. We value your contributions, but don't make them at the expense of getting suits finished. Some pretty tough things have been said about your business practices, but none of us is perfect. We want to give you the chance to re-establish your repuation. Of course, it's tough to come back to face the music, but we will respect you more for being man enough to do it.

2. Hire an administratively gifted assistant or find a business partner with some cash to invest (or better yet, find both). Many creative people are not good at organizational matters.

3. Set out a realistic time table to all your customers to complete the suits already ordered. Be frank about your financial situation and travel schedule, and the customers will be more understanding.

4. Customers--the only way to get your suits or your deposits back is to give Darren some slack. If we push him too hard, most or all of you will lose everything you gave him. But the customers need to see a clear plan and some results to regain faith.

5. If Darren comes back, let's agree to cut him some slack in our comments and in his timeline for delivery. Some of his customers are probably lost to him forever, but many of them can probably still be won back.

While the situation is extremely serious, I hope and believe it is not yet beyond the point of no return. This should be like a US Chapter 11 restructuring where the business is given the chance to work things out. Let's try to avoid going to a Chapter 7 where the business is liquidated because all of us will lose.

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