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Has anyone else had problems with Oliver Sweeney shoes?
The last 2 pairs I've had of his shoes have been poor quality. I was really impressed with the fit and comfort but the quality of manufacturing was appalling.
On my first pair the leather upper ripped at the elastic band (slip ons) and were unrepairable. They never made it anywhere near a re-sole at the cobblers.
Second pair were much, much worse. Wore them out on a night out (4 weeks old and properly polished/treated with bees wax) and had to walk home in the rain.
The water poured in to my feet and the leather cracked and blistered. There was a water line all along the side, little bubbles on the toe and the creases in the toe swelled up and made the shoes look 4 years old.
I dried them out naturally but this still happened.
Now Oliver Sweeney are refusing to refund my money for the 2nd pair (4 weeks old!) with such clear examples of poor quality.
Very poor customer service considering I have spent circa £500 on his shoes.
On speaking with my cobbler he said that the shoes are most likely made in South Africa and not in Italy.
Anything I can do? I mean surely shoes can't be sold that can only be worn inside??? Or outside as long as there is no rain! Not much use in Britain then:rolleyes:

My Loakes have been out in all weathers, three soles and still look good!

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Yup Oliver Sweeney shoes look nice as long as you don't want to wear them in the rain or outside!!!
I bought them in Oliver Sweeney Concession in Harvey Nichols. The Oliver Sweeney store manager has refused to refund any money.
When I took them back and left them at the shop, the salesman called me back and said that,
"after speaking with the technical department and ??water testing?? the shoes he had found no problem and therefore no refund."
Water testing? In a shop? Eh?
I can assure you the water poured into them when it was raining!! Through the bit where the upper meets the sole.
The salesman who was there when I took them back (the shoes are still there) said something totally different from the guy who sold me them.
When buying, I asked about quality issues as I have had shoes in the past that failed. He assured me that Oliver Sweeney's refund policy was solid and that I wouldn't have any issues if anything happened. I beg to differ!!
On relaying the original salesman's comments, the manager said,
"that's not right, I'll have to discipline him"!!
So that's the status.

No shoes, no refund, £250 out of pocket.
Not good eh?

I've sent a formal complaint letter in last week demanding my money/replacement, (I won't wear them in the rain this time!!!, not easy in the UK,) with as yet, no response.

If they are making these shoes in South Africa and then flogging them on for £250 I'm sure there is a fair profit margin with which to issue refunds for faulty goods.

Buy Oliver Sweeney? NEVER again! Shame, comfy shoes.
I think I'll take a look at Jeffrey Wests next.

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Have you tried contacting anyone else at Harvey Nichols, I assume this is the Edinburgh store.
Yup Edinburgh store. Haven't contacted Harvey Nics as I thought that the Oliver Sweeney concession was run by Oliver Sweeney just paying a rent to Harvey Nics. (Could be wrong, it's just what I thought) So if what you are saying is correct Toryboy I need to take this up with the Menswear manager. Probably the same manager who was trying to sell me a made to measure suit. That WON'T be happening if they keep treating me as badly as this!!!

I don't have the shoes, they are still at Harvey Nics. I have sent a recorded letter quoting the sale of goods act asking for a refund/replacement. I'll give them 2 weeks to respond.
What a royal pain in the ass, but I can't let them get away with it, on principle.

I also have a pair of Ferragamos but they too suffered a slight water mark. But the leather is far, far better quality. A much better shoe.

Shows you what happens if you buy shoes for looks. My usual working shoes are a couple of pairs of Loakes that have been absolutely bombproof. I believe (could be wrong) that they are proper goodyear welted.

I've found a really good website that shows the different constructions in case anyone is interested....

Thought you guys would appreciate it.

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Sale of goods act 1979

If they say that the shoes aren't faulty I have the sale of goods act 1979 on my side.

Sale of Goods Act 1979. Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994. The Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002.
Key Facts:

• Wherever goods are bought they must "conform to contract". This means they must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality (i.e. not inherently faulty at the time of sale).
• Goods are of satisfactory quality if they reach the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking into account the price and any description.
• Aspects of quality include fitness for purpose, freedom from minor defects, appearance and finish, durability and safety.
• It is the seller, not the manufacturer, who is responsible if goods do not conform to contract.
• If goods do not conform to contract at the time of sale, purchasers can request their money back "within a reasonable time". (This is not defined and will depend on circumstances)
• For up to six years after purchase (five years from discovery in Scotland) purchasers can demand damages (which a court would equate to the cost of a repair or replacement).
• A purchaser who is a consumer, i.e. is not buying in the course of a business, can alternatively request a repair or replacement.
• If repair and replacement are not possible or too costly, then the consumer can seek a partial refund, if they have had some benefit from the good, or a full refund if the fault/s have meant they have enjoyed no benefit
• In general, the onus is on all purchasers to prove the goods did not conform to contract (e.g. was inherently faulty) and should have reasonably lasted until this point in time (i.e. perishable goods do not last for six years).
• If a consumer chooses to request a repair or replacement, then for the first six months after purchase it will be for the retailer to prove the goods did conform to contract (e.g. were not inherently faulty)
• After six months and until the end of the six years, it is for the consumer to prove the lack of conformity.
I think Oliver Sweeney have failed on the first 3 key facts.
Fit for purpose: I would guess that shoes sold in Britain might have to put up with a bit of rain!
Goods are of satisfactory quality if they reach the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory: I'd say they have failed miserably on the quality front.
Aspects of quality include fitness for purpose, freedom from minor defects, appearance and finish, durability and safety: Defects, appearance and finish all fails!

I just wish that I didn't have to go through all this hassle. It is a pain in the ass. I'll have to wait to see if they respond to the letter I've sent.

I will also send a letter to Harvey Nichols as well. I suppose they need to know how their customers are being treated

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Well I've received my old shoes (the water damaged ones) back in the post with the following letter,
"Sorry to hear of your recent issues. However I immediately arranged for the shoes to be inspected and unfortunately we were unable to find any inherent faults. It is the nature of leather soled shoes to eventually allow water to seep through, we are aware of this and we offer wet weather advice on our website aswell as instore. The leather may be restored after treatment of wax also.
As this is the case we are unable to offer a replacement, if you wish to contact me please do not hesitate to do so.

So no joy with Oliver Sweeney then, just my old shoes back.
"eventually allow water to seep through" What after 4 weeks and a walk in the rain?
"wet weather advice on our website as well as instore"
What??? I was assured that this would specifically NOT happen by the sales guy and that Oliver Sweeney had a No quibble return policy.

A warning to all you potential Oliver Sweeney buyers then! The shoes aren't great and their after sales sucks!!
What should I do now?
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