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Poor quality Oliver Sweeneys

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Has anyone else had problems with Oliver Sweeney shoes?
The last 2 pairs I've had of his shoes have been poor quality. I was really impressed with the fit and comfort but the quality of manufacturing was appalling.
On my first pair the leather upper ripped at the elastic band (slip ons) and were unrepairable. They never made it anywhere near a re-sole at the cobblers.
Second pair were much, much worse. Wore them out on a night out (4 weeks old and properly polished/treated with bees wax) and had to walk home in the rain.
The water poured in to my feet and the leather cracked and blistered. There was a water line all along the side, little bubbles on the toe and the creases in the toe swelled up and made the shoes look 4 years old.
I dried them out naturally but this still happened.
Now Oliver Sweeney are refusing to refund my money for the 2nd pair (4 weeks old!) with such clear examples of poor quality.
Very poor customer service considering I have spent circa £500 on his shoes.
On speaking with my cobbler he said that the shoes are most likely made in South Africa and not in Italy.
Anything I can do? I mean surely shoes can't be sold that can only be worn inside??? Or outside as long as there is no rain! Not much use in Britain then:rolleyes:

My Loakes have been out in all weathers, three soles and still look good!
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AFAIK Sweeneys are blake stitched, which means they are not good rain shoes as the stitching goes to the inside of the shoe, wicking moisture up onto your foot. Walking around on wet leather soles wears them out incredibly quickly. (Found out the hard way!)

I have two pair and have suffered the wet foot scenario. So for me, strictly a summer shoe unless you Topy it (cobbler added rubber sole). As a summer shoe I am happy with them for socialising in.

The quality has definitely dropped as the brand has become more successful over the past few years. I wouldn't (and didn't) pay full retail for them. I also got from HN's.
To be fair, if you do some reading on this site about rain, leather soled shoes, conditioning waterproofing and polishing (with cream, beeswax or carnuba), you'll see that it isn't purely an OS issue.
I wrecked a pair (blake stitched) a few years ago as I knew no better.

Posters here in wet locations get rubber soled (dainite etc.) shoes or goodyear welted leather and topy them. Those in extreme parts even use rubber overshoes when needs must. No shoes straight out of the box without good preparation are going to be weatherproof.

Post some pictures and see if some of the shoe experts can suggest a rescue plan.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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