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Polo cashmere

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With conducting its summer sale and the availability of a coupon code for 40% (simply type in SUMMER when checking out) I decided to purchase a cashmere cable crewneck sweater. The normal retail price is $397.50 and is a bit overpriced but with the sale and the coupon code it was offered at just under $180 - still hardly a bargain but a solid value.

Not knowing what to expect I placed an order on Tuesday. The ordering process was painless and I was sent e-mails confirming my order and updating the shipping status. When I returned home today I saw that my order had been delivered. I was suprised to say the least figuring that the holiday weekend would delay my order until at least next Tuesday. A three day delivery isn't too shabby for shipping that was free.

My sweater arrived nicely packaged and included a rather handy plastic storage/travel sleeve. As to the sweater itself I couldn't be happier. It seems very well made (though I am harldy an expert in these matters), has a very nice hand to it and has a weight to it that is lacking in lesser cashmeres even though it is not a heavy sweater. I am very happy with my purchase and if they had more converstaive colors in stock I would make additional purchases of this sweater.

Polo in general and in particular is very feast or famine. When they are spot on you would be hard pressed to find a better purveyor of classic Anglo-American clothing but when they miss, and they have missed a lot lately in my opinion, the results are outlandish and garish - the orange rugby shirt with the Leroy Neimanesque polo collage offered this year springs immediately to mind.

But today I am happy and if I can get a similiar deal in a few months on the Purple Label sweaters currently on offer I will snap them up immediately.

Hope everyone has a great Fourth.


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